Vancouver Public Schools honored as one of best districts for music education

Vancouver Public Schools recently was honored with a Best Communities for Music Education award from the nonprofit National Association of Music Merchants Foundation. The award recognizes commitment and dedication to music and the arts as part of a well-rounded education. VPS is one of 623 districts across the nation and one of just five in Washington state to be recognized.

VPS’ award-winning and nationally recognized staff leads comprehensive music programs across the district. Vancouver offers musical opportunities to all students from kindergarten through 12th grade, including general music instruction, band, choir, orchestra, music recording, musical theater, extracurricular classes and programs and an arts school. Dedicated arts funding, district-level coordination, professional development for teachers, an instrument inventory, auditorium spaces and artist visits support and enrich the opportunities for students. VPS schools also benefit from strong community engagement in music education through support from music booster clubs, local colleges and performing groups and nonprofit organizations. While many districts cut arts programs during the Great Recession, VPS expanded arts access and opportunities.

“We consider arts part of the core curriculum, and music education is flourishing in Vancouver Public Schools,” said Superintendent Steve Webb. “Thanks to the commitment of our students and their families, the dedication of our staff and the support from the community, music enriches learning and gives students unique opportunities for creativity and expression.”

The NAMM Foundation, supported in part by the National Association of Music Merchants, advances active participation in music making by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs.

Results from radon testing March 4-11, 2019

Radon testing was completed during the weeks of March 4 and March 11. Results showed no elevated radon levels at the following locations:

  • Discovery
  • Eisenhower
  • Franklin
  • Fruit Valley
  • Harney
  • Hazel Dell
  • Hough
  • Minnehaha
  • Washington
  • Sacajawea
  • Alki
  • Anderson
  • Chinook
  • Felida
  • Gaiser
  • Jason Lee
  • Jefferson
  • Lake Shore
  • River
  • Salmon Creek
  • Skyview

If you have any questions, please call 360-313-4777.

Information regarding disturbance at middle school basketball tournament

Vancouver Public Schools’ principals and administrators are investigating a disturbance at an all-district eighth-grade basketball tournament that resulted in nine students being arrested. The incident happened on Friday night at Gaiser Middle School and involved students from several district schools.

The disturbance began when a student was asked to leave the school gym because he was threatening another student. Other students then became involved in the conflict. They disrupted the tournament and refused to follow the direction of district staff and law enforcement personnel.

The students who were arrested were emergency expelled over the weekend. They are from multiple schools and are not allowed on any school campus. Privacy laws prevent us from sharing more specific details about those students. However, we will hold all the involved students accountable for their behavior, and we will respond with appropriate disciplinary actions.

We want to assure you that we are taking additional measures, including dispatching extra district resource officers to schools, to ensure the safety of our students in all of our schools. Providing safe and supportive schools is a top priority. We continue to work hard every day to maintain a respectful and nurturing environment, and we ask parents to be partners in this ongoing effort.

Radon testing March 11-March 15 | Español | Русский | Chuukese

During the week of March 11-March 15, 2019, Vancouver Public Schools’ facility support crews will begin routine testing for radon.

The testing will monitor radon levels in frequently occupied rooms including classrooms and offices that are in contact with the ground or are directly above unoccupied areas of a basement. Upon receipt of results, notification will be sent within 10 days of the district learning whether results require further action.

Detailed information about radon testing is available on the district environmental monitoring website and on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.

Although testing is not required in Washington, Vancouver Public Schools has been testing for radon within schools since 2001 on a five-year schedule. Our goal is to ensure that our schools are safe for our students, staff and community members.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the testing process to 360-313-4777.


Durante la semana del 11 de marzo-15 de marzo de 2019, el equipo de soporte de las instalaciones del Distrito Escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” comenzará las pruebas de rutina para la detección de radón.

La prueba monitoreará los niveles de radón en los sitios frecuentemente ocupados, incluyendo salones de clases y oficinas que están en contacto con el suelo o que están directamente sobre las áreas desocupadas de un sótano. Una vez recibidos los resultados, se enviará una notificación dentro de los 10 días posteriores a que el distrito haya sido informado si los resultados requieren una acción adicional.

La información detallada sobre las pruebas de detección de radón está disponible en el sitio web de monitoreo ambiental del distrito y en el enlace del sitio web de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA,por sus siglas en inglés).

Aun cuando las pruebas no son obligatorias en el Estado de Washington, el Distrito Escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” ha estado midiendo los niveles de radón en las escuelas cada cinco años desde el año 2001. Nuestro objetivo es asegurar que nuestras escuelas sean seguras para nuestros estudiantes, el personal y los miembros de la comunidad.

Favor de dirigir todas sus preguntas sobre el proceso de pruebas al 360-313-4777.


В течение недели, которая начнётся 11 марта-15 марта 2019 года, бригады по обслуживанию помещений в Ванкуверских государственных школах начнут плановую проверку на наличие радона.

Тестирование определит уровень радона в часто используемых помещениях, включая классы и офисы, которые имеют контакт с почвой или находятся непосредственно над нерабочими подвальными помещениями. В течение 10 дней после получения районом результатов тестирования будет выслано уведомление о том, требуется ли на основании этих результатов предпринимать какие-либо дальнейшие действия.

Подробную информацию о тестировании на наличие радона можно получить на вебсайте школьного района, выйдя на ссылку с информацией о контроле за гигиеной окружающей среды (environmental monitoring)и на вебсайте Агентства по защите окружающей среды (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA).

Хотя в штате Вашингтон не требуется проводить тестирование на наличие радона, Ванкуверские государственные школы проводят эти тесты во всех школах района каждые пять лет, начиная с 2001 года. Наша цель обеспечить безопасность в школах для учеников, сотрудников и представителей общественности.

Пожалуйста, наводите все справки по поводу тестирования по телефону 360-313-4777.


Iká pwe ke mochen epwe wor emén epwe ánea ngonuk masowen ei taropwe nón fóósun fénúomw ren ómw kopwe weweiti, en mei tongeni kéri Juanita Yasu, 360-771-5343.

Testing locations March 11–March 15, 2019

  • Alki
  • Anderson
  • Chinook
  • Felida
  • Gaiser
  • Jason Lee
  • Jefferson
  • Lake Shore
  • Columbia River
  • Salmon Creek
  • Skyview

Curt’s message for the Month – February 2019


On February 4, 2018 we will kick off our third installment of our One Book, One School initiative. This year we will be reading Slacker, a tale of a middle school boy whose ultimate life goal is to win a video game contest called Rule the World. Cameron Boxer spends every moment he is not in school, playing his video games in his basement console haven. His parents encourage him regularly to maybe find some other passions but their hand is ultimately forced when the dinner he was asked to remove from the oven, turned into a kitchen inferno as he continued to play his games. Ultimately, the fire department removes him from his daze as they break down the family’s front door to save the home. Cam’s parents then lay new ground rules that include him needing to “get involved in his school” before he will be allowed back to his console. A journey of self-discovery, often with humorous twists, commences. Slacker is different from our first two One Book, One School endeavors (Wonder and Fish is a tree) but it should be equally engaging and supportive to our goals: to continue to build a school wide culture of learning and a focus on helping students see how they can assist in the improvement of our overall school culture day by day.

In addition to One Book, One School, Mrs. Miller, teacher librarian at Jason Lee, has been coordinating our second Battle of the Books competition for students. This effort allows for teams of students to work together to read a number of selected books, sometimes everyone reading them all and sometimes splitting them up among the members. The “Battles” are undertaking in a quiz show format with students responding to questions, including buttons, buzzers, lights and all. The cool thing this year is that we will conduct our final Battles at a school wide assembly on February 1 with the two winning student teams going head to head and the victors taking on a team of teachers for one ultimate battle.

This is an exciting time for literacy efforts at our school. Our teacher teams are working diligently to increase the amount of reading, writing and discussion happening in all classrooms. Efforts like One Book, One School and The Battle of the books are just a part of the bigger puzzle.  If students are going to have doors opened up to them, then being able to read well, write well, and discuss what they have read and written is essential in our information society. Please encourage your children to be writing and reading at home. The more students do this, especially in good fit, choice books, the greater growth they will make. Middle School is an essential time to take reading skills and enjoyment to new levels, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help all our students grow each day.

Do a great month!!!


Curt’s Message of the Month – March


Last month I filled you in on our One Book, One School efforts for this year. Slacker seems to be a big hit. Since our kickoff in early February, students and staff have been engaging with the text and enjoying a variety of activities. They have been reading aloud, reading independently, engaging in Monday lessons and activities, having text base discussions, and even enjoying character visitations on the morning announcements (portrayed by different staff members). Certainly fun to engage with a text in so many different ways.

We will culminate our One Book, One School experience with a “Day of Service” on Friday, March 15.  The characters in Slacker discover the power and the pleasure that comes from helping others. We want our students to have an opportunity to experience this too. So on that day, we will turn our attention from learning that service is a positive thing to providing authentic opportunities for students to serve. Each student and staff member will have the chance to choose from a variety of engaging activities. These include: making fleece blankets to donate to Legacy Salmon Creek, helping prepare meals and care kits for homeless families, writing thank you cards to those serving in the military, local fire, police and emergency workers, baking bread/cookies for local nursing homes, making homemade laundry soap for distribution at Share House, helping seniors “write their story,” making water purification indicators for individuals in developing countries, working with elementary students at Eisenhower, cleaning and organizing the JLMS library and resource rooms, grounds beautification, painting rocks with supportive messages to be donated to Doernbecher Children’s hospital, making beaded bracelets for the non-profit Good Deeds with Beads, making friendship bracelets, an art project for a local retirement home, making cat and dog toys out of old t-shirts, kindness cards, and others. Should be an exciting day of giving back and helping others.

As we try to live our mission to “Open doors to student success by developing lifelong learners, responsible decision makers and caring and contributing members of society,” events like this help to provide real opportunities to put this vision into action. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with a group of individuals who are truly committed to doing their part to help in the learning and growing process for our youth. I love this school and this is another example of the continued efforts being put forth to make our daily work even more meaningful and impactful.

Finding our greatness


Thank you, voters | ¡Gracias, votantes! | Спасибо, избиратели! | Ach kapasen kinisou ngeni meinisin ekkewe aramas re úttút!

Two levy measures that will continue funding for basic programs/services and technology were approved by Vancouver voters on Feb. 12. The education and operations levy passed with 64.49 percent support and the technology levy passed with 62.65 percent support.

“I am extremely proud of our community,” said Board President Rosemary Fryer. “The passage of the levies shows the high regard our voters hold for our school district and the education of our children and youth.”

For information about the levies, please visit

¡Gracias, votantes!

Los votantes de Vancouver aprobaron el 12 de febrero dos medidas de recaudación fiscal que continuarán financiando los programas / servicios básicos y la tecnología. La recaudación fiscal para educación y operaciones se aprobó con un 64.49 por ciento de apoyo y la recaudación fiscal para tecnología se aprobó con un 62.65 por ciento de apoyo.

“Estoy extremadamente orgullosa de nuestra comunidad”, dijo la Presidenta de la Junta Directiva, Rosemary Fryer. “La aprobación de las recaudaciones fiscales muestra el gran respeto que nuestros votantes tienen por nuestro distrito escolar y la educación de nuestros niños y jóvenes.

Para obtener información sobre las recaudaciones fiscales, favor visitar:

Спасибо, избиратели!

12 февраля избиратели Ванкувера одобрили два налоговых сбора, которые позволят продолжить финансирование основных школьных програм/услуг и компьютерных технологий. Налоговый сбор в поддержку образования и деятельности школ получил поддержку 64.49% избирателей, а за сбор в поддержку компьютерных технологий проголосовали 62.65% избирателей.

«Я очень горжусь жителями нашего района,» – сказала Президент Совета директоров Rosemary Fryer. –«Одобрение налоговых сборов показывает, насколько высоко наши избиратели ценят наш школьный район и получение образования нашими детьми и молодёжью».

Для получение информации о налоговых сборах, пожалуйста, выйдите на на сайт

Ach kapasen kinisou ngeni meinisin ekkewe aramas re úttút!

Mei wor ekkewe ruu mwonien takises aramas re úttút wón nón ewe Fapéwéri 12 an epwe sópwenó ne méni ach kei prokram nón sukkun me ekkewe pisekin technology. Mei tori úkkúkkún 64.49% aramas re úttútt wón ewe mwonien takises an epwe sópwenó ne ánisi mwékútúkútún me angangen sukkun. Mei pwan tori úkkúkkún 62.65% aramas re úttútt wón ewe ew mwonien takises an epwe sópwenó ne ánisi niwinin pisekin technology.

Chóóchón ach ewe board ren President Rosemary Fryer e apasa pwe “Ngang úwa men unusen pwapwaeásini aramasan iká chóóchóón nón ach ei neni”. A pwan apasa pwe “Ekkei mwonien takises e ketiw, mei pwáranó an ekkewe chóón úttútt aúcheani ach kei sukkun me an néúr kewe semirit me kúkkún sukkun”.

Ren tichikin póróusan ekkei mwonien takises, ouse mochen nó ngeni ach ewe website ren

A message from the superintendent

Dear VPS community,

If the legislature doesn’t act on a comprehensive set of solutions to provide full funding for basic education, vital programs and services that serve students will be at-risk throughout the state. Today, the Seattle Times reports that 253 of the 295 Washington districts expect to face a budget shortfall next school year. Further, more than one-third of the districts anticipate the need to draw down their entire cash reserves over the next three years. A district insolvency crisis looms on the horizon.

I urge you to read the following article for more details. VPS advocacy efforts are highlighted in the story.

As I’ve said, again and again, we did not create this situation. Now, more than ever, we all need to advocate for sensible policy solutions to the “McCleary mess” handed to us by elected leaders in Olympia.

Steve Webb

Read the VPS budget shortfall press release.

New last day of school year is June 19 | Español | Русский | Chuukese

Due to a weather-related closure on Feb. 5, the following schedule will be in effect for the last week of the 2018-19 school year:

  • Monday, June 17—schools will be in session and will release at the usual time
  • Tuesday, June 18—schools will be in session but will release students two hours earlier than usual
  • Wednesday, June 19—last day of school; schools will be in session but will release students two hours earlier than usual

Students and staff members should report to school on the above days. Going forward, if schools close again due to weather, this schedule may change.

Spring break, regular 40-minute early releases on Mondays and graduation dates are not affected. The last day for seniors remains June 12.


Minafén ekkesiwin: Sáingónón ráánin sukkun a sereni nón Suun 19

Pokiten e kesip sukkun nón ewe Fapéwéri 5 ren púngúmwóngún sno iká an iwe ais ekkewe aan, epwe ne iei ussun kókkótun néúch schedule ren ewe sáingonón wiiken sukkun ren ei ier 2018-2019:

  • Sárifan, Suun 17- Mei wor sukkun; meinisin sukkun repwe fiti ewe kunókun sár nón ei ráán
  • Oru, Suun 18- Mei wor sukkun; chóón sukkun repwe sárekái (wón 2 awa)
  • Éúnúngát, Suun 19-Sáingonón ráánin sukkun; mei wor sukkun nge chóón sukkun repwe sárekái (wón 2 awa)

Meinisin chóón sukkun me chóón angang repwe etto sukkun me angang nón ekkei ráán. Iká pwe epwan kesip sefán sukkun ren púngúmwóngun sno me an ais ekkan aan, iwe ina epwe pwan siwin masowen nón schedule.

Esapw wor ekkesiwin ngeni ekkewe ráán a fen kefininó pwe esapw wor sukkun nón fan itten asésén spring break. Esapw wor ekkesiwin ngeni ewe kunókun sár ren iteiten sárifán. Meinisin chóón sukkun repwe sárekái iteiten sárifán (wón 40 minich). Sáingónón, ewe ráánin sochungio ese pwan siwin. Ráánin sochungio ren mwiichen engon me ruan epwe chék fiis nón Suun 12.


El nuevo último día del año escolar es el 19 de junio.

Debido al cierre de las escuelas por causa del clima el día 5 de febrero, el siguiente horario estará vigente durante la última semana del año escolar 2018-19:

  • Lunes, 17 de junio — las escuelas estarán en sesión y los estudiantes saldrán a la hora habitual
  • Martes, 18 de junio — las escuelas estarán en sesión, pero los estudiantes saldrán dos horas antes de lo habitual
  • Miércoles, 19 de junio — último día de clases; las escuelas estarán en sesión, pero los estudiantes saldrán dos horas antes de lo habitual

Los estudiantes y los miembros del personal deben reportarse a la escuela durante los días anteriormente mencionados. En el futuro, si las escuelas cierran nuevamente debido al clima, este calendario puede cambiar.

Las vacaciones de primavera, la salida de clases los lunes 40 minutos antes y las fechas de graduación no cambiarán. El último día para los graduandos sigue siendo el 12 de junio.


Новая дата последнего дня занятий в этом учебном году – 19 июня

В связи с тем, что 5 февраля школы были закрыты из-за плохой погоды, следующие изменения будут внесены в календарь на последнюю неделю 2018-19 учебного года:

  • Понедельник, 17 июня — занятия в школах будут проходить и заканчиваться по обычному расписанию
  • Вторник, 18 июня — в школах будут проходить занятия, но уроки закончатся на 2 часа раньше обычного
  • Среда, 19 июня — последний день учёбы; уроки закончатся на 2 часа раньше обычного

Учащиеся и сотрудники должны присутствовать в школе в вышеуказанные дни. В дальнейшем, если школы будут закрыты из-за неблагоприятной погоды, в календарь могут быть внесены новые изменения.

Даты весенних каникул, даты, когда по понедельникам занятия в школах заканчиваются на 40 минут раньше, и даты торжественных мероприятий для выпускников остаются без изменений. Последним днём занятий для выпускников остаётся 12 июня.