Battle of the Books creates powerful readers

by Eric Bindewald | Teacher Librarian | Sacajawea Elementary School Marshall accidentally “buzzed in” due to the adrenaline rush that took control of his pointer finger. Teammates turned to Marshall with bated breath while he stared at the emcee as though he was just caught peeing in the library.  The five seconds of silence seemed [...]

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Principal Message August 2018

Families, Last year my wife Angie and I took a once in a lifetime trip to Europe. It was an amazing adventure that we had dreamed about for many, many years. I felt so blessed to have been able to do something so amazing. This summer, because Angie had hip replacement surgery in early June, [...]

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New visitor management system | Español | Русский | Chuukese

Vancouver Public Schools does many things to protect the many people within our buildings. Secure entrances, safety officers, mental health support and positive behavior training are just a few of the many ways that we work to keep everyone safe. This fall, we’re adding another safety practice to our schools: a digital visitor management [...]

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