Photo: Flags hanging in the entry way to Jason Lee Middle School …Attitude, Behavior, Cooperation, Directions, EffortThe Jason Lee community has developed expectations for the purpose of creating a “paw-sitive” culture that allows and facilitates high levels of learning.
These expectations are focused on safety, responsibility and respect. Staff members will be intentional in teaching, modeling and periodically reviewing the common expectations throughout the year. We ask that every student follow these expectations:

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Use appropriate language and voice level.
  • Follow adult directions the first time they are given.
  • Help maintain a clean campus.
  • Respect the personal space and property of others.

Behavioral expectations




Outside areas


Media center




Teachers teach, and students learn.

Stay positive in all working conditions.

Always try your best.

Accept constructive feedback.

Remain calm and patient while standing in line.

Express appreciation for custodial and cafeteria staff.

Play fair with peers.

Show sportsmanship to all participants.

Trust staff to enforce rules/boundaries.

Be patient and calm moving from class to class.

Be courteous to other students as you move through the building.

Stay task-oriented at all times.

Be purposeful with what you’re doing.

Spend time wisely every time.

Respect the need of others and their work.

Be respectful of office staff.

Come prepared with your requests.

Remain patient while waiting for direction.

Stay on task.

Use for appropriate educational reasons.

Be appreciative of privilege.

Know you’re a digital citizen.


Stay active in the learning process.

Keep conversations focused on subject.

Keep body to yourself.

Only touch your materials and supplies.

Hands to yourself.

Walk at all times.

Have patience when waiting in line.

Clean personal area.

Stay in appropriate boundaries.

Remain in your own personal space.

Be safe and appropriate at all times.

Be courteous to others.

Hands to yourself.

Walk at all times.

Be aware of time and get to designated location.

Stay to the right.

Use quiet voices.

Clean up after use.

Use computer equipment and materials appropriately.

Wait patiently for staff directions.

Listen for instructions from office staff.

Be safe and appropriate at all times.

Secure and protect your own iPad.

Use your own iPad unless given other directive.

Stay on task.


Give respectful responses to others’ opinions.

Participate in all classroom tasks.

Work together, and contribute to class.

Respect space of other people.

Respond appropriately to all circumstances.

Communicate respectfully with all staff.

Listen to adult instruction.

Remain in your own personal space.

Allow others to relax and socialize.

Be respectful of time, people and conditions.

Interact appropriately with students.

Remember the 10/10 rule.

Clean up own area.

Remain in your own personal space with technology and materials.

Use appropriate conversation levels.

Wait for instruction and/or direction.

Respond appropriately to all staff.

Respect confidential information.

Be aware and have patience for the learning curve and knowledge of all people.

Assist others.

Focus on content-specific material.


Come to class prepared every day.

Listen to instructions from teachers and staff.

Complete assignments and tasks.

Follow the red and green light signals.

Pick up all trash at your table.

Third lunch will stack chairs.

Go through the green doors.

Walk on concrete areas except basketball courts.

Free “play” in the field.

Use the green sign doors.

Cooperate with bus-zone rules.

Walk on the right.

Get to class on time.

Go through the green doors.

Enter appropriately.

Ask for permission to use computers.

Store backpacks in appropriate cubby.

Watch noise level.

Have student ID.

Have a pass from your teacher.

Watch noise level of conversations.

State purpose to office staff.

Stay in appropriate locations.

Wait for instruction from teachers.

Stay on assigned task while using iPad.


Focus on school work.

Challenge yourself on daily basis.

Take risks and know it’s OK to make mistakes.

Keep your area cleaned every day.

Support custodian by picking up trash.

Be aware of how to help.

Remain positive with other students.

Encourage others to follow rules.

Report any unsafe behavior to an adult.

Walk to class on time.

Keep conversations to a minimum between classes.

Act positive with classmates.

Stay focused on your assigned task.

Always ask for help or permission when needed.

Be aware of your purpose for visiting the office.

Be efficient by getting in and getting out.

Respect privacy zones.

Have your iPad charged and prepared for class.

Maintain and care for your iPad at all times.

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