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It has been a whirlwind summer at the Scheidel home. My youngest son Mason graduated from Skyview High School in June and then he left for two years to serve a mission in Chile one week after he walked across the stage. My middle son Dallin graduated from college and moved back to Vancouver to start his career with Vancouver Public Schools as a special education teacher at Mcloughlin Middle School. On August 13, my oldest son Brandon married his sweetheart Nicole and they are now starting their life together. Dallin will be getting married September 24 to Abby and they will be starting their life together. Angie and I have been married for 25 years and 24 of those we have spent raising children. It is fun to see them each move on in their lives. We are now what they affectionately call “empty nesters.” With that new reality, there are certainly changes abounding in our home as the dishes now get put in the dishwasher, the clothes are no longer left strewn around the house, we’ve gone from ten loads of laundry to two, and four gallons of milk to one a week. I miss the loud voices and the busy Saturdays. Not going to practices and games will be a certain adjustment for Angie and me. However, the great thing is that despite the changes and new realities, Angie and I love each other and are looking forward to new adventures and someday hopefully a granddaughter (or grandson) or two to which we can lend support and help along the way.

We all go through life changes, and for many parents middle school can be a significant one for both students and parents. The physical, emotional and psychological changes will be plentiful and evident. Each child goes through the process differently but the changes will inevitably come. These changes will bring new opportunities, new joys and new stresses. Although there are some helpful tools and research that we can lean on to help us navigate these middle years, so much is still learning on the fly or learning from past experiences. However, I do know that we are all in this together. My children benefited from both our attempted diligence as parents and knowing that there were other caring adults who were invested in the kids’ success too. Family, teachers, coaches, mentors, friends and neighbors all help to guide us and our children in the maturation process. I want you to know that as the principal of Jason Lee Middle School, I am invested in helping our school staff support you in raising your children. We can be a part of the complex puzzle and will partner to do what we can in the process. As we continue our work to provide quality instruction that produces results for student learning and to develop a culture and climate that allows for significant learning to occur, we can be that support you need.

I welcome us all to another school year. We are busy in the office getting things ready to go and are preparing for students to begin learning on day one. We are excited to have both our returning and our students new to Jason Lee joining us. This is going to be an exceptional year, and I am so excited to work with each of you to make it wonderful for as many students as possible.

Finding our Greatness!!!

Curt Scheidel
Principal, Jason Lee Middle School

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