Counselor’s corner: Learning style strategies and tips

The term “learning styles” helps us understand that every person has different ways of learning material. A person’s learning style refers to the way in which the person interacts, processes, understands, and remembers information. It is important for educators, families, and students to understand the differences in learning styles so that they can practice strategies to help students learn.

Students at Jason Lee will take a learning styles inventory test during 7th grade so that they can discover strategies to help themselves learn. Ask your student if they have completed their inventory on their Career Cruising app.

If you would like to learn more information about learning styles and complete an online test, visit

Study tips for different learning styles

Tips for auditory learners:

  • Record classroom lectures and read aloud.
  • Verbalize things you want to remember.
  • Study with a friend so you can discuss information.
  • Use familiar songs to help you memorize details.
  • Ask your teacher to repeat something when needed.

 Tips for visual learners:

  • Use a highlighter in your notes and planner.
  • Preview a chapter before reading it.
  • Pay attention to graphs, pictures, and charts.
  • When listening to a lecture, always look at the speaker
  • Use graphic note-taking methods.
  • Use flashcards to help you mentally “see” facts.

Tips for tactile learners:

  • Write vocabulary words down and walk around while reciting them.
  • Try to act out words or events with simple gestures.
  • Try studying in different positions.
  • Take frequent, short breaks.
  • Try writing key terms with your finger in the air, on a smooth surface or in the carpet.
  • Whenever possible, “do” your assignments, experiments and projects in an active way.



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