Over the past several years, neighboring school districts have successfully adjusted middle school sport seasons to help increase student participation and make sure we have enough coaches and officials.  We have also reviewed our current sports and seasons and will be making some adjustments to our middle school sport seasons for next year.

Moving our seasons will allow us to continue to offer as many sports opportunities as possible with more coaches and officials available. It will also allow more time for our sixth-grade students to sign up as they transition to middle school and have access to these sports – sometimes for the first time.

Beginning with our 2024-25 school year, our Middle School sports seasons will now be as follows:


Boys & Girls Track & Field – Grades 6-8

  • This new season schedule will make it much easier for all grades of students to participate in Track, one of our most popular sports.  This allows 6th graders to start middle school with a strong connection to the school community right away.

Early Winter (no change)

Girls Basketball – Grades 7-8
Boys & Girls Wrestling – Grades 6-8

Late Winter (no change)

Boys Basketball – Grades 7-8
Girls Bowling – Grades 7-8


Tackle Football – Grade 8
Girls Volleyball – Grades 7-8
Flag Football – Grades 6-7
Boys & Girls Cross Country – Grades 6-8

We do appreciate that even with the benefit, there may be some challenges with these changes, and families’ annual routines and plans for students’ choices about activities outside of school may be impacted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your school’s athletic director.